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Fractions as part of life….
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Fraction as part of life
Fraction occupies a central role in our day to day life

  • A solid framework at an early stage will enable the kids understand and comprehend various aspects of math topics.
  • It is thus important to design activities which are combination of both conceptual and skill learning and that is exactly we do at Math Buddy.

How do we explain fractions?
Explain what a whole /part is

  • Show them a full pizza, which is divided into say 4 or 5 pieces. Ask them how many pieces are there?
  • Then remove one piece and ask how many are removed from the total.
  • Give a series of similar practice where the question can be how many pieces are taken out or left over.
  • They will eventually understand that the top part in the fraction is the number of pizza pieces seen or missing and the bottom is the total number of pieces needed to get the original pizza.
Taking a step ahead
Kids are naturally curious and when a real life example is shown, they associate it even better.

  • One other example we provide at Math Buddy is asking the kid to water a circular lawn.
  • Divide the circular lawn to say 4 portions and ask them to water 1 portion.
  • Make it interesting by asking them to water a full lawn. Make the discussion lively. You will be surprised to see how each child reacts.

Click here to access Math Buddy and explore Fractions

Enabling Conceptual Learning Through Manipulatives
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Technology has been one of the biggest blessings to mankind. It is well known how technology has made life simpler and comfortable in every sphere of life. The complexity of life, clubbed with a 24×7 lifestyle, has left every one with little time to focus on things which do not fall into the day-to-day routine. Everyone wants their space and anytime anywhere access. The very thought of anytime anywhere access, especially in the field of education, gives us an opportunity to leverage technology for the advantage to teachers, students and parents.

Education in schools has also undergone a sea change compared to what it was few years ago. The educators are far more willing to experiment with newer methods of teaching and are willing to go the extra mile to help students understand the concepts through the use of technology. As we are progressing and growing, the life around us keeps changing and this requires constant change to the curriculum in order to keep up with the changes. The changing curriculum puts extra pressure on educators to ensure that the content is delivered in the right way to the students.

With ever increasing competition among schools to perform well in the assessment tests, there is growing pressure on educators to perform which ultimately impacts the students. Some schools still focus on learning by rote, which can never be a long term solution. The only way to help students perform well in standardized assessment tests and give them a long lasting education, is to help them understand the concepts at an early stage in life. Take for instance mathematics as a subject. Every second or the third child in the school is scared of this subject. Any reason why? Simple enough they have been unable to appreciate the concept. A live and interactive platform would have opened their vent for intuitive thinking.

Researches have shown that mathematics instruction and understanding of the subject will be more effective if students can visualize the concepts as they study and interactive manipulatives can be a great tool to accomplish this. To nurture the young minds and channelize their thought process in the right direction, we at Math Buddydecided to come up with a way to teach concepts in Maths and Science through extensive use of interactive manipulatives.

Today, information is available in plenty from the Internet, enabling educators to study the best way of teaching various concepts to students. However, getting the right kind and type of information requires skill, patience and acumen. Throughout the world the focus of education is moving towards activity based teaching of concepts. Our researchers have toiled day in and day out to come up with activities, some of which are already used in different parts of the world, to help students learn the basic concepts in Maths and Science.

Research has shown that students understand the concepts best when they can relate what they learn to real world objects, supplemented by an opportunity to experiment and see the results in realtime.

At Math Buddy, we have made this our mantra, and are working towards making math and science learning not only fun and exciting, but also something that lasts for a lifetime.

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Welcome to Math Buddy
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Welcome to Math Buddy. After months of hardwork, we are releasing a Beta version of Math Buddy to a limited number of students and teachers. The initial lessons are primarily focused on Maths for 2nd to 5th graders.

We look forward to your feedback on the site and content, as this will help us improve the site.