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New website walk through
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This short video takes you through our newly designed website. You will be able to see many new features added throughout the website. Dedicated pages for schools, families along with a chance to try a free trial for 14 days is possible with the new website. Try out the new site and enjoy the experience.


Have you checked out the new look of Math Buddy?
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Say hello to the newly redesigned Math Buddy!

Welcome to the world of interactive learning

We are happy to announce that our fresh look website boosts a clean design, intuitive and user-friendly navigation with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information most relevant to you. It’s also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of browsers and portable devices.

There is whole host of small but effective changes, all to make your child’s and your experience of the Math Buddy that much better for both of you. With these changes, we want to provide you with an experience and content you need to see and read to help your child with Math learning and practice. So, while we have refreshed the website and you still might have this feeling “where’s all the stuff? Why I’m not able to find what I’m looking for?”, please don’t fret. With a few exceptions, everything that was on the old site continues to stay but it’s organised slightly more systematically.

Take a 14 day free trial for Math Buddy

Try it out today! Take a 14 day risk-free trial!

Visit us at and check out all the cool stuff we got for you!

Happy exploring!

As always, we will be happy to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new design. Write to us at


Good resources for STAAR Test preparations
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Ever since STAAR (The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) was introduced in 2012 by Texas Education Agency (TEA), the educators and parents are looking for some good resources for students to prepare for STAAR Test. TEA’s website ( provide resources and previous year tests for practice. STAAR is a measure of student’s skill and understanding of the subject for their grade level.

There are several resources from private and other organization for student’s success in STAAR. Now, there are many apps available in iOS, Android and other online resources in web developed by education companies and volunteers to cater to this need of educators and parents. These choices are challenging as there are too many.

Some suggested criteria to choose online material as it may vary with each person are

  • Is the content or practice covering the full STAAR curriculum or not?
  • Is it modelled after the TEA’s STAAR tests or not?
  • Do they provide sufficient material or not?
  • Do they provide a performance report or not if it is a practice test?
  • Do they provide a detailed Assessment of the test if it is a practice test?


Based on their evaluation, parents and teachers can make their choice to use it for their students. Math Buddy has made an effort to research TEA resources and other resources and generated math problems aligned to STAAR for students to practice. That has resulted in apps for STAAR Math Practice. Math Buddy has made every effort to fulfill the above criteria. We ask for you to explore yourself and decide.

The link is


All the best for the test week