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Team spirit and Didac Mumbai
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“Come what may” phrase aptly describes the spirit of Team Math Buddy. So, while we sat in the office wondering how the team would be managing amidst the torrential rain that struck the large hearted and busy city of Mumbai this Tuesday (19th September’2017), the Math Buddy team representing us at Didac rose to the occasion. We have heard of stories how crisis brings us together but last couple of days we got a chance to witness this first hand. We didn’t want one team one face to continue for the three days of the event. It was tactical move but little did we know that nature has its own plans. It rained incessantly in Mumbai and on a single day the city reported rain of (275 ) mm approx disrupting the normalcy, causing waterlogging, long delays and vehicular traffic. Situation seemed grim but it didn’t dampen the spirits. None of us panicked. We kept our calm, held on to our nerves and did what was needed to ensure our team showed up… The show much go on.

The rain didn’t dampen our spirits, nor it dampened the spirit of Didac organiser, fellow exhibitors and offcourse the event goers, who continued to flock to the venue at BEC to interact with who’s and who of Education world. We are thankful to the Didac association and all the visitors who stopped by at our Booth B-45, brimming with curiosity to learn more about our solution.


New website walk through
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This short video takes you through our newly designed website. You will be able to see many new features added throughout the website. Dedicated pages for schools, families along with a chance to try a free trial for 14 days is possible with the new website. Try out the new site and enjoy the experience.


Have you checked out the new look of Math Buddy?
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Say hello to the newly redesigned Math Buddy!

Welcome to the world of interactive learning

We are happy to announce that our fresh look website boosts a clean design, intuitive and user-friendly navigation with improved menu functionality that directs you to the information most relevant to you. It’s also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of browsers and portable devices.

There is whole host of small but effective changes, all to make your child’s and your experience of the Math Buddy that much better for both of you. With these changes, we want to provide you with an experience and content you need to see and read to help your child with Math learning and practice. So, while we have refreshed the website and you still might have this feeling “where’s all the stuff? Why I’m not able to find what I’m looking for?”, please don’t fret. With a few exceptions, everything that was on the old site continues to stay but it’s organised slightly more systematically.

Take a 14 day free trial for Math Buddy

Try it out today! Take a 14 day risk-free trial!

Visit us at and check out all the cool stuff we got for you!

Happy exploring!

As always, we will be happy to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new design. Write to us at
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Villgro on Twitter: “Perspectives for raising capital from investor & Entrepreneur perspectives with @mathbuddyonline and @MenterraVA at #Unconvention #Chennai”

Menterra invests in education start-up Math Buddy
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Menterra Social Impact Fund has invested an undisclosed amount in Vadodara-based Math Buddy, which develops interactive mathematics learning products for CBSE schools. It is now in over 200 schools in 19 States.

Math Buddy will use the money to increase its presence to about 2,000 schools in the next three years. At present, according to Kannan Bharadwaj, co-founder, Math Buddy, the products are used in high-income schools. It wants to target low-income schools, for which it will set up a separate training and support arm to help these schools implement and use the product.

This is the first outside investment in Math Buddy, which has been self-funded. Kannan and Bharathy Bharadwaj, co-founder, are both engineering graduates. Kannan obtained a BTech from IIT Madras and an MBA from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, while Bharathy Bharadwaj obtained a BTech from MIT, Chennai, and a Master’s in Computer Science from Eastern Michigan University.

Incorporated in 2010, Math Buddy has 1,500 activities, 800 interactive worksheets and assessments and an online Olympiad. It has created these products based on detailed research on how maths concepts are taught in different parts of the world. The products have a combination of hands-on activities and interactive software and are meant to supplement the effort by teachers, not to replace them, according to Kannan Bharadwaj.

Bharathy Bharadwaj, co-founder, Math Buddy, was quoted in a press release as saying that the venture was working on regional language support and local curriculum alignments so that the products could be used in schools across the country.

The release quoted Mukesh Sharma, Founder and Managing Director, Menterra Venture Advisers, as saying that Menterra was one of the first impact investors to invest in Vadodara, indicating an increasing interest in cultivating a start-up culture in Gujarat. For too long, he said, funding and support had been confined to the big cities, while there was deserving talent in the smaller cities and towns.

Launched in January 2016, Menterra Social Impact Fund I is an impact investment fund that invests Rs 1 – 4 crore for a significant minority stake in early-stage social enterprises in education, health and agriculture.

tata-class edge
We are excited that Tata ClassEdge has decided to partner with us
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Tata ClassEdge, a provider of innovative technology based learning solutions for schools has partnered with Concept Learning, a company that develops Math Buddy, a unique confluence of ‘Hands-on’ instruments and interactive software to help students explore, experience and enjoy mathematics.
Sachin Torne, Chief – Products and Services of Tata ClassEdge, said, “Math Lab was launched by us to improve the learning curve of students in Mathematics, which is often disliked as a subject. Students fear that despite spending time on calculations and formulas, the end answer will not be accurate. In contrast to the traditional approach, Math Buddy actually guides learning through exploration, reasoning and activity. It focuses more on conceptual understanding and collaboration, rather than just results.”
Kannan Bharadwaj, chief executive officer, Concept Learning Technologies Pvt Ltd, said “More than 220 schools and 20,000 teachers, students and parents are enrolled with Math Buddy and we are excited that Tata ClassEdge has decided to partner with us to make Mathematics a fun subject at school. At Math Buddy, our vision is to make math concepts easy for children to visualize, and understand their practical applications through activities”. Math Buddy provides 60+ types of lab instruments covering over 200 activities. It also provides a fully interactive software platform with more than 1300 activities to illustrate concepts and make the classroom and lab interactive. The software is available for students from Std I to X.

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Quick Guide for STAAR Test for students
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Here are some steps you should follow for having better test results.


Make your mind ready

Be mentally prepared for the test, with an assurance that you have prepared well for the test and it is not different from any other school test. Secondly you know what kind of questions are going to there in the test.


Proper breakfast

Have proper food on the day of the test so you are not distracted and can focus better on giving the test.


Stress free

Remember the words of inspiration told by your parents and their confidence in you that you will perform well. Relax and give the test with a calm mind. You will score well.


Good Sleep

A good sound sleep is always helpful in making your concentration better and keep you fresh for the test day.


Quick Tips for Test

  • Don’t take much time on a question, mark it and go on.
  • Once you’re done with all questions, go through all the questions once again to be sure that you didn’t miss any question.
  • Once you’ve answered the question you know, go to the questions where you were not sure about the answers and try to answer them again. Do not leave it blank or unanswered.
  • Write down the formulas you know and draw the graph and figures wherever needed, to have a better understanding of the question.
  • Circle the answer properly in the Assessment sheet without rewriting it.



Like this Quick guide there is quick way to revise and prepare for STAAR Test. It is the STAAR Math preparation app, which gives you a set of sample questions and gives you an experience of the test questions and revision with the performance reports and explanations. Have a look


All the best for the test week.

Tips for performing better in STAAR Test.
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Here are some tips which will help children to perform better in STAAR test. STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) administered by Texas Education Agency (TEA).


  • Cultivate discipline from start of the school year – do homework, class work diligently. Understand, practice and review regularly.
  • Focus and improve on child’s weak areas. Practice more in those areas and review.

Encourage your children

Engaging students with math problem in conversations will help improve their confidence. Sometimes making children realize about their true potential helps them to overcome their inner fears about their on-going situation. But once they realize they can do it and it is not different than other school tests, they will perform significantly better with this freshly gained confidence.


Sample Test

Schools do sample tests as class work and home work. Still, my son in 3th grade was worried about the kind of questions that would come in the actual test, I went to and then my child was a bit relaxed. Also, additional practices of simulated tests done in a regular interval of time shall make them confident to take the real test.


Eat well & Sleep well

Heavy breakfast is good for the test week and other time too. With proper meal and good sleep make the child fresh and help them focus and perform better.



A child should get some free time to play and relax the mind with friends after a session of study. Keeping the mind off on something else is better for having a fresh start for the next study session or sample test after the playtime.

Rewards-Incentive to perform

We should take the child out for buying their favorite color pencils, new t-shirts, and some promise gifts for later. Also having lunch at their favorite food place and ice-cream give them a ‘cherry on top’ experience for your child.


Word of Inspiration

Write a note of inspiring words showing the child how much you trust them and are sure about their success like ‘I know you will come out with flying colors’ will boost the child’s confidence to another level bringing up a smile on their face before they give the test.


Mathbuddy has released practice tests for STAAR based on the TEA’s requirement and practice as an app. Children can practice and the quick revision by taking the tests will enable them perform better. Please visit for more details.


Have a great test week & best of luck to all the children!!!

Good resources for STAAR Test preparations
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Ever since STAAR (The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) was introduced in 2012 by Texas Education Agency (TEA), the educators and parents are looking for some good resources for students to prepare for STAAR Test. TEA’s website ( provide resources and previous year tests for practice. STAAR is a measure of student’s skill and understanding of the subject for their grade level.

There are several resources from private and other organization for student’s success in STAAR. Now, there are many apps available in iOS, Android and other online resources in web developed by education companies and volunteers to cater to this need of educators and parents. These choices are challenging as there are too many.

Some suggested criteria to choose online material as it may vary with each person are

  • Is the content or practice covering the full STAAR curriculum or not?
  • Is it modelled after the TEA’s STAAR tests or not?
  • Do they provide sufficient material or not?
  • Do they provide a performance report or not if it is a practice test?
  • Do they provide a detailed Assessment of the test if it is a practice test?


Based on their evaluation, parents and teachers can make their choice to use it for their students. Math Buddy has made an effort to research TEA resources and other resources and generated math problems aligned to STAAR for students to practice. That has resulted in apps for STAAR Math Practice. Math Buddy has made every effort to fulfill the above criteria. We ask for you to explore yourself and decide.

The link is


All the best for the test week

no 1 education math site in india
Math Trick for using finger multiplication of 6 To10 Time Tables
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Math Buddy is the world’s most popular subscription-based Math learning site Mathbuddy provided some  Trick to easily Math Trick using Finger Multiplication of 6 To10 Time Tables.  It is used to teach children to learn tricks about multiplication time tables.

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