Summers are not just about hot sun, chilled water, ice creams and mangoes. It is the best time of the year; the long awaited summer vacations and is possibly the happiest time in the school life. It usually lasts for about two months or so.

Most of the parents during this duration think, “What should my kids do for this summer productively?”, and subsequently end up with ‘n’ number of options. It is the best time to pertain some recreational activities. You can make the summer vacation wonderful if you have made a plan for this great time! Discuss with your children and find out some topics of their interest and benefit.

Here are some things which you can get your kids started with:

Develop a hobby – Let your kids take up a hobby, for example, music, dance, craft work, art or learn new software etc. This will enhance your children’s personality and interest. By doing so, they can grow creativity and knowledge simultaneously.

Learn a new language – Learning a new language is an enjoyment and gain of knowledge at the same time.

Get a library membership – Visit the local library or bookstore and get a membership.Reading is a great activity for summer and it will help them to brush up on their reading skills.

Join a summer camp – Many schools offer summer programs to enrich children’s hobbies. Check with your nearby school and colleges in the area to see if there’s a summer program available.

Take a Trip – Assign the kids a location for a day trip into the nearest big city or the closest beach. Let them plan and help in organizing the trip. This is a great way for kids to practice their organization and time management skills.

Summer is to enjoy. Every kid should have his/her share of fun. Parents should take all efforts to make the process fun for kids and therefore should productively plan on how they can keep their kids occupied during the summer.

Happy Vacation from Math Buddy

Now you can access Math Buddy from your Tablets and iPads

Now you can access Math Buddy from your Tablets and iPads

Happy to announce the availability of your favorite Math Buddy activities, smart sheets and assessments on tablets and iPads. Now you can access Math Buddy from your Tablets and iPads The Math Buddy team has been working very hard for quite some time to convert all our Flash based content to platform independent HTML5 code base. Finally, we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, and we are happy to say that we have done our best to provide a great user experience.

We will be happy to hear any feedback (good/bad) to help us improve Math Buddy! You can write to us at

September edition of Mathlathon starts today!

September edition of Mathlathon starts today!

We are into the third month with Mathlathon 2014, and are thrilled to see the enthusiastic response from students from all over the world. We welcome all the new students that have signed up recently and hope you enjoy Mathlathon over the next few months.

The results of August Mathlathon are available on the website Students who participated can login to their account to get detailed question-wise report which shows a lot of details.

We wish every one all the very best for Mathlathon September edition and look forward to seeing your name on the Mathlathon Wall of Fame on September 21.

Introducing Math Buddy Question of the Day App for Android Tablets and Smart Phones

Introducing Math Buddy Question of the Day App for Android Tablets and Smart Phones

Tired of Math Buddy “Question of the Day” mails filling up your mailbox?

Now you can answer Question of the Day directly from any android smart phones or tablets using the Math Buddy Question of the Day app for Android platform.


  • Answer the questions right from your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere
  • Access questions for all grades (1 to 8) from a simple to use interface
  • Track your performance and see overall statistics.

To download, visit

Introducing Math Buddy Composite Score

Introducing Math Buddy Composite Score

As you all know, Math Buddy has been designed to be a complete system to learn math concepts through activities, get lots of practice through interactive smart sheets, and an assessment database with which teachers can create instant worksheets or assessments. Teachers can assign any of these to students and monitor their performance in real-time. There is also a question of the day published every day to make students think.

Many a times, we have noticed students spending many hours playing with activities in order to get their name on to the wall of fame or ensuring that their name stays on the top week after week. While this is a wonderful to see, students will get the real benefit of Math Buddy if they use all the different features instead of playing only with activities that are easy to score points from.

We are happy to introduce Math Buddy Composite Score, which has been designed to reward students that utilize all the features of Math Buddy. Students can score points from activities, smart-sheets, assessments and by answering the daily Question of the day.

How does this work?

  • Composite score is calculated by giving a weightage of 40% for activities, 40% for smart-sheets/assessments and the remaining 20% for answering the daily Question of the day.
  • In order to ensure that students do not keep playing with the same activity, a maximum limit of 1000 points has been imposed for each activity in a 7 day period. This means that if a student scores 5000 points in an activity over the last 7 days, only 1000 points will be taken for calculating the composite score.
  • Scores of smart sheets and assessments will be multiplied by 10 while calculating the composite score.
  • Each correct answer for the daily Question of the Day will get 50 points to the student.

We believe this will encourage the students to get maximum benefit out of Math Buddy by utilizing all the available features.

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback and ideas. Please share your thoughts by writing to


The Math Buddy Team