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As teachers, we put in all our efforts to explain the different concepts in mathematics. We all want our students to see the why as well as how a particular concept works. The most important fact to bring out in our classrooms is that math is not confined to what is given in the text books. Math has got a universal presence and we can see it in everything that we do in real life.

In this context, it helps to take a minute to think about the purpose of teaching math. Is it to finish the curriculum or to make a student capable of doing well in his exams? While these are important, these cannot be the ultimate goal of a teacher. Our prime objective should be to make students competent enough to navigate their lives in this complex world. Understanding math concepts and relating to every day life can really make a difference in a student’s life. For example, learning concepts in number system, decimals, measurement are all important in helping him/her handle money effectively (in the form of loan, tax, credit, budget etc) in their later life. While students may not necessarily appreciate algebra immediately, the concepts of algebra play an important role in every sphere of life. For example, when buying a car or a home, we need to compare the various loan options available, and graphing the various options immediately helps us choose the best option.

As teachers, we need to let our students see the beauty of math, or at the very least, make sure that they do not develop negative feelings towards math. Conceptual understanding is most essential to achieve this end. With technology, there are just so many things that can be done to help students visualize and understand the concepts.

Math Buddy ‘Classroom Plus’ is one such program that really helps teachers and students enjoy teaching and learning math concepts. There are over a 1000 curriculum aligned interactive activities designed to help students understand and practice math concepts. Teachers can assign activities, smart sheets or customized assessments to students, and track their usage and performance online. Teachers can identify the trouble spots and take remedial actions to help students. Almost 70 to 80 percent of the activities in Math Buddy are designed to help children practice the various skills by playing with the activities and getting their names on the leaderboard for that activity. During this process, they not only practice the concepts repeatedly, but also have lots of fun doing so.

Math is not drudgery, nor something which is just confined to what is given in the textbooks. Let us do our best to help make mathematics easier to understand and make sense to our kids. This alone can make quite a difference and kids will start developing an interest and love for Mathematics.

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