how to Improving Math Score

Improving Math Score

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Math has been a puzzling mystery for many students since ages. It has been clearly misunderstood, mistreated and noticeably demonized by children. Let us understand the ways to deal and break the myths of fake Math realities, which are being assumed by students.

> Hit your math anxiety:- There are students who love to go to school but dislike their math classes. A part of the math fear belongs to the teaching methods of teachers or the basic practice going in school. Also you would simply be better at math if you think you are good enough to handle. Not able to do math is only a temporary feeling because you just don’t understand the logic or concept. Do not get scared of word problems; instead think that getting the right answer for them will improve your scores a lot. For example, word problems always have a fairly good weightage in examinations.

> Befriend who like Math:- There are people around you who love Math. You see them in class, know them and wonder why they always raise their hands to answer or how they know the answers. Find someone who likes to do math. It could be your teacher, class mate, parent or tutor. Be with them and find out how really they developed the logic.

We are considerably not as good as at things we believe we are bad at, although the very first thought may have been formed because we were actually not very good. Discard these opinions and pave a new path for Math-itude. There are plenty of options which can improve your math but only when you help yourself. Then, you’ll be able to succeed at the intricately interesting part of our life that is math and logic.

 Tips for Writing Correct Math

  • Symbols (like the + symbol) that have a specific mathematical meaning are reserved for mathematical use
  • Use complete sentences, correct grammar and correct spelling
  • Don’t use abbreviations
  • Don’t end a line with an equal sign or an inequality sign
  • Two mathematical expressions or formulas in a sentence should be separated by more than just a space or by punctuation; use at least one word
  • Conclude the solution of a problem with a clear and complete statement of the conclusion

 Common Math Writing Errors

  • Incorrect english
  • Incorrect mathematics
  • Using the same symbol for different quantities
  • Too many words and too few symbols, or vice versa
  • Leaving too little space for possible corrections

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