Math Buddy receives SMART “Ready” Accreditation

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Math Buddy receives SMART We are happy to announce that Math Buddy ( ), has received the “Ready” accreditation status for use with SMART Technologies Inc.’s SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Accreditation at the Ready level means SMART finds Math Buddy to be easy to use, intuitive and interactive for use with its SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

Calgary, Alberta-based SMART Technologies Inc., the segment leader in the interactive whiteboard market, invites educational software publishers to participate in its Software Accreditation Program so that the interactive whiteboard maker’s customers “know which content and software work best with SMART products.” Approved publishers may display SMART Board interactive whiteboard logo art to indicate that their software satisfies the requirements of the program.

Teachers can use SMART Boards interactive whiteboards and Sympodium interactive pen displays with Math Buddy to demonstrate concepts they want students to learn.

Technology is fast becoming an integral part of education. As more teachers start using technology, combination of powerful tools such as interactive whiteboard and exciting, engaging software such as Math Buddy will redefine the way instruction is carried out in a classroom environment.

We are looking to work with many other technology tools that complement Math Buddy and help the teaching community to better illustrate the concepts.

Click here to access Math Buddy.

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