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Effectual Math Teaching

As teachers, we put in all our efforts to explain the different concepts in mathematics. We all want our students to see the why as well as how a particular concept works. The most important fact to bring out in our classrooms is that math is not confined to what is... read more

Teaching Students to Use Resources to Find Answers

Relying only on the textbook that is provided for students in most schools may not be enough in order for them to have the successful educational experience that you want. Students can benefit from a variety of supplementary resource materials, and you may not even... read more

The power of encouragement..

The following is an extract from a wonderful book titled ‘Wonderful Ways to Love a Child’ by Judy Ford. We all need encouragement.. you do and so does your child. In some ways we are all helpless little people trying to cope with a complex world. The rules... read more

Become An Active Math Homework Helper

You may feel that as a parent, you are at the mercy of your child’s teacher to make sure he or she is mastering the math concepts that are necessary to succeed in school. The truth is that you have a lot of power when it comes to giving your child the math tools they... read more

Solutions for the “I Hate Math!” Problem

One of the common problems faced by parents and teachers all over the world is when children start hating Math. The reasons for this dislike of the subject range from the tedious and repetitive exercises involved in the mastery of math, to the difficulty of understanding the abstract concepts needed to continue in math education. This article takes a look at some of the ways to make Math more enjoyable for children.

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Teach math using everyday articles

Math concepts can be some of the most difficult for young students to master. This is a result of the abstract concepts that comprise most of mathematics. Fortunately, as a parent, you are in a great position to be able to help your student make the most of their math... read more

Math in everyday life

Whether or not your child is an ace student in math, you can determine for yourself if they are mastering the math concepts that you feel are important. Teaching your children how the math concepts they learn in school apply in the everyday world will help them enjoy... read more

A guide to ensuring safe internet usage for your child

When used responsibly, the Internet is a powerful tool that can help your child succeed in school. However, the Internet is also filled with lots of unsuitable content. It is important to teach our kids healthy ways of finding the information they need online and monitor their usage pattern every now and then. Fortunately there are numerous monitoring tools and filtering tools that help in making sure that your child uses the Internet safely.

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Discover your child’s learning style

Educators have identified three major styles of learning: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (also called as tactile). Discovering your child’s learning style could help you identify ways to help him grasp the concepts better, which will have a direct positive impact on his/her performance in academics.

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