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Math in everyday life

Whether or not your child is an ace student in math, you can determine for yourself if they are mastering the math concepts that you feel are important. Teaching your children how the math concepts they learn in school apply in the everyday world will help them enjoy... read more

A guide to ensuring safe internet usage for your child

When used responsibly, the Internet is a powerful tool that can help your child succeed in school. However, the Internet is also filled with lots of unsuitable content. It is important to teach our kids healthy ways of finding the information they need online and monitor their usage pattern every now and then. Fortunately there are numerous monitoring tools and filtering tools that help in making sure that your child uses the Internet safely.

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Discover your child’s learning style

Educators have identified three major styles of learning: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (also called as tactile). Discovering your child’s learning style could help you identify ways to help him grasp the concepts better, which will have a direct positive impact on his/her performance in academics.

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Fractions as part of life….

Click here to access Math Buddy and explore Fractions. Fraction as part of life Fraction occupies a central role in our day to day life A solid framework at an early stage will enable the kids understand and comprehend various aspects of math topics. It is thus... read more

Enabling Conceptual Learning Through Manipulatives

Technology has been one of the biggest blessings to mankind. It is well known how technology has made life simpler and comfortable in every sphere of life. The complexity of life, clubbed with a 24×7 lifestyle, has left every one with little time to focus on... read more

Welcome to Math Buddy

Welcome to Math Buddy. After months of hardwork, we are releasing a Beta version of Math Buddy to a limited number of students and teachers. The initial lessons are primarily focused on Maths for 2nd to 5th graders. We look forward to your feedback on the site and... read more