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Quick Guide for STAAR Test for students

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Here are some steps you should follow for having better test results.


Make your mind ready

Be mentally prepared for the test, with an assurance that you have prepared well for the test and it is not different from any other school test. Secondly you know what kind of questions are going to there in the test.


Proper breakfast

Have proper food on the day of the test so you are not distracted and can focus better on giving the test.


Stress free

Remember the words of inspiration told by your parents and their confidence in you that you will perform well. Relax and give the test with a calm mind. You will score well.


Good Sleep

A good sound sleep is always helpful in making your concentration better and keep you fresh for the test day.


Quick Tips for Test

  • Don’t take much time on a question, mark it and go on.
  • Once you’re done with all questions, go through all the questions once again to be sure that you didn’t miss any question.
  • Once you’ve answered the question you know, go to the questions where you were not sure about the answers and try to answer them again. Do not leave it blank or unanswered.
  • Write down the formulas you know and draw the graph and figures wherever needed, to have a better understanding of the question.
  • Circle the answer properly in the Assessment sheet without rewriting it.



Like this Quick guide there is quick way to revise and prepare for STAAR Test. It is the STAAR Math preparation app, which gives you a set of sample questions and gives you an experience of the test questions and revision with the performance reports and explanations. Have a look


All the best for the test week.

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