Tips for performing better in STAAR Test.

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Here are some tips which will help children to perform better in STAAR test. STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) administered by Texas Education Agency (TEA).


  • Cultivate discipline from start of the school year – do homework, class work diligently. Understand, practice and review regularly.
  • Focus and improve on child’s weak areas. Practice more in those areas and review.

Encourage your children

Engaging students with math problem in conversations will help improve their confidence. Sometimes making children realize about their true potential helps them to overcome their inner fears about their on-going situation. But once they realize they can do it and it is not different than other school tests, they will perform significantly better with this freshly gained confidence.


Sample Test

Schools do sample tests as class work and home work. Still, my son in 3th grade was worried about the kind of questions that would come in the actual test, I went to and then my child was a bit relaxed. Also, additional practices of simulated tests done in a regular interval of time shall make them confident to take the real test.


Eat well & Sleep well

Heavy breakfast is good for the test week and other time too. With proper meal and good sleep make the child fresh and help them focus and perform better.



A child should get some free time to play and relax the mind with friends after a session of study. Keeping the mind off on something else is better for having a fresh start for the next study session or sample test after the playtime.

Rewards-Incentive to perform

We should take the child out for buying their favorite color pencils, new t-shirts, and some promise gifts for later. Also having lunch at their favorite food place and ice-cream give them a ‘cherry on top’ experience for your child.


Word of Inspiration

Write a note of inspiring words showing the child how much you trust them and are sure about their success like ‘I know you will come out with flying colors’ will boost the child’s confidence to another level bringing up a smile on their face before they give the test.


Mathbuddy has released practice tests for STAAR based on the TEA’s requirement and practice as an app. Children can practice and the quick revision by taking the tests will enable them perform better. Please visit for more details.


Have a great test week & best of luck to all the children!!!

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