Math Buddy covers all the topics of grade 1. Topics include shapes around us, pre number concepts, addition using objects, numbers line, bigger numbers, know you numbers, time, measurement , patterns, addition skill practice, subtraction skill practice and many more interactive activities, worksheets and assessments for better understanding of the math concepts.

The skills are organised into topics, and you can move your mouse over any skill name to view. To start practicing, just click on any link.

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Math Buddy Skills - Grade 1
 Smaller numbers
  1. 1.A.1   Pre number concepts
  2. 1.A.2   Know your numbers
  3. 1.A.3   Let us count
  4. 1.A.4   Colour the objects
  5. 1.A.5   Match the objects
  6. 1.A.6   Number Memory Game
  7. 1.A.7   Number Introduction - Combat Zone
     Number comparison of smaller numbers
    1. 1.B.1   One more
    2. 1.B.2   One less
    3. 1.B.3   More or Less
    4. 1.B.4   Hungry crocodile
    5. 1.B.5   Ordering the numbers
       Addition using objects
      1. 1.C.1   What is addition?
      2. 1.C.2   Add the given objects
      3. 1.C.3   Other ways of representing addition
      4. 1.C.4   Model the addition problem
      5. 1.C.5   Number bonds
      6. 1.C.6   Combination of numbers
      7. 1.C.7   Rapid addition
      8. 1.C.8   Fill the grid
      9. 1.C.9   Addition(1-9) - Combat Zone
         Addition using number lines
        1. 1.D.1   The jumping monkey
        2. 1.D.2   Number line addition
        3. 1.D.3   Find the missing number
        4. 1.D.4   Add using a number line (1-9)
           Subtraction of smaller numbers
          1. 1.E.1   Subtraction as taking away
          2. 1.E.2   Hopping rabbit
          3. 1.E.3   Where is the acorn?
          4. 1.E.4   How fast can you subtract?
          5. 1.E.5   Horizontal and vertical subtraction
          6. 1.E.6   Subtraction 1-9 using number line
             Introducing bigger numbers - I
            1. 1.F.1   Introduction to Ones and Tens
            2. 1.F.2   Let us pack some cookies
            3. 1.F.3   Ones and Tens bundle
            4. 1.F.4   Represent in ones and tens
            5. 1.F.5   How do numbers grow? (up to 100)
            6. 1.F.6   Ones and tens using blocks
            7. 1.F.7   Can you represent using blocks?
            8. 1.F.8   Identify the number group
               Introducing bigger numbers - II
              1. 1.G.1   Connect the dots
              2. 1.G.2   After number
              3. 1.G.3   Before number
              4. 1.G.4   Between number
              5. 1.G.5   Number names
              6. 1.G.6   Numerals from number names
              7. 1.G.7   Write in standard form
              8. 1.G.8   Write in expanded form
              9. 1.G.9   Count forward
                 Number line
                1. 1.H.1   Left or right?
                2. 1.H.2   Fill in the number line
                3. 1.H.3   Count by 10s
                   Number comparison bigger numbers
                  1. 1.I.1   Help the frog cross the river
                  2. 1.I.2   Pick the correct balloon
                  3. 1.I.3   Numbers in ascending order
                  4. 1.I.4   Numbers in descending order
                  5. 1.I.5   Compare the given numbers
                  6. 1.I.6   Number worm
                     Ordinal Numbers
                    1. 1.J.1   Know your ordinal numbers
                    2. 1.J.2   Dragon ride
                       Addition without carry over
                      1. 1.K.1   Let us add some biscuits
                      2. 1.K.2   Add using expanded form
                      3. 1.K.3   Place value addition
                      4. 1.K.4   Count forward using number names
                      5. 1.K.5   Add three numbers on the numberline
                      6. 1.K.6   Go cart!
                         Addition with carry over
                        1. 1.L.1   Addition by regrouping
                        2. 1.L.2   Adding with biscuits
                        3. 1.L.3   Step by step addition with borrowing
                        4. 1.L.4   Rapid addition
                        5. 1.L.5   Colour the compartments
                        6. 1.L.6   Match my family
                           Addition skill practice
                          1. 1.M.1   Find the missing number
                          2. 1.M.2   Adding larger numbers on the number line
                          3. 1.M.3   Frame Addition Statements
                          4. 1.M.4   Word Problems
                          5. 1.M.5   Fill the missing number
                          6. 1.M.6   Fill Tens and Ones
                          7. 1.M.7   Add using number line (1-20)
                             Subtraction of two digit numbers without borrowing
                            1. 1.N.1   Subtraction with biscuits
                            2. 1.N.2   Subtraction using expanded forms
                            3. 1.N.3   Subtract numbers ending with zeroes
                            4. 1.N.4   Subtract three numbers on a number line
                            5. 1.N.5   Recognize the statement and subtract
                            6. 1.N.6   Math stories
                            7. 1.N.7   Plus or Minus?
                               Subtraction of two digit numbers with borrowing
                              1. 1.O.1   Why borrow?
                              2. 1.O.2   Biscuit Subtraction
                              3. 1.O.3   Let us do subtraction using place value blocks
                              4. 1.O.4   Step by step subtraction practice
                              5. 1.O.5   Train subtraction
                              6. 1.O.6   Match with my family
                              7. 1.O.7   Place value subtraction
                              8. 1.O.8   Word problems
                              9. 1.O.9   Quiz
                                 Subtraction skill practice
                                1. 1.P.1   Rapid Vertical Subtraction
                                2. 1.P.2   Add or Subtract on Hundred Chart
                                3. 1.P.3   Subtract and Write in Words
                                  1. 1.Q.1   Help the snail reach its destination
                                  2. 1.Q.2   Round the numbers to the closest tens
                                    1. 1.R.1   Introduction to Multiplication
                                    2. 1.R.2   Let us add some objects
                                    3. 1.R.3   Groups of objects
                                    4. 1.R.4   Represent in groups and items
                                    5. 1.R.5   Identify the correct picture
                                    6. 1.R.6   Multiplication as repeated addition
                                       Measurement of Length
                                      1. 1.S.1   Longest or shortest
                                      2. 1.S.2   Compare lengths
                                      3. 1.S.3   Build a train
                                      4. 1.S.4   Build a tower
                                      5. 1.S.5   Measure using paper clips
                                         Measurement of Weight
                                        1. 1.T.1   Which is heavier?
                                        2. 1.T.2   Heavier or lighter
                                        3. 1.T.3   How heavy is the object?
                                        4. 1.T.4   Arrange the objects in the order of weights
                                        5. 1.T.5   Weight Quiz
                                           Measurement of Currency
                                          1. 1.U.1   Currency identification
                                          2. 1.U.2   Equivalent money
                                          3. 1.U.3   Quiz on equivalent money
                                          4. 1.U.4   Money in piggy bank
                                          5. 1.U.5   Money in your wallet
                                          6. 1.U.6   Visit the super market
                                          7. 1.U.7   Identify the objects
                                             Measurement of Time
                                            1. 1.V.1   Tell the time
                                            2. 1.V.2   Set the time in the clock
                                            3. 1.V.3   Set the time given in words
                                            4. 1.V.4   Who says the correct time?
                                              1. 1.W.1   Introduction to basic shapes
                                              2. 1.W.2   Shapes around you
                                              3. 1.W.3   Write the name for the shape
                                              4. 1.W.4   Colour the shapes
                                                1. 1.X.1   What comes next?
                                                2. 1.X.2   Represent using alphabets
                                                   Spatial Sense
                                                  1. 1.Y.1   Left and Right
                                                  2. 1.Y.2   Top, bottom, middle/center
                                                  3. 1.Y.3   Locate on the grid