Math Buddy covers all the topics of grade 10. Topics include algebra, polynomials, quadratic equations, triangles, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, arithmetic progression, statistics, volume, surface area, constructions and many more interactive activities and assessments for better understanding of the math concepts.

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Math Buddy Skills - Grade 10
  1. 10.A.1   Zeroes of a Quadratic Polynomial
  2. 10.A.2   Identify the factorized form
  3. 10.A.3   Identify the zeroes and the factorized form
  4. 10.A.4   Factorization of Quadratic Equations
  5. 10.A.5   Graph of a Cubic Polynomial
  6. 10.A.6   Zeroes of a Cubic Polynomial
  7. 10.A.7   Cubic Polynomial - Practice
     Quadratic Equations
    1. 10.B.1   Identify the quadratic equation from the graph
    2. 10.B.2   Standard and Vertex forms of Quadratics
    3. 10.B.3   Factorization by Completing the Square
    4. 10.B.4   Understanding Discriminant
    5. 10.B.5   Finding the roots with Quadratic Formula
    6. 10.B.6   Word problems
       Similar Triangles
      1. 10.C.1   Similarity in Triangles
      2. 10.C.2   SSS Similarity Criterion
      3. 10.C.3   SAS Similarity Criterion
      4. 10.C.4   AAA Similarity Criterion
      5. 10.C.5   Similarity and Transformations
      6. 10.C.6   Identify Similarity
      7. 10.C.7   Find the missing angle or side
         Similar Triangles - Theorems
        1. 10.D.1   Basic Proportionality Theorem
        2. 10.D.2   Midpoint Theorem
        3. 10.D.3   Angle Bisectors Theorem
        4. 10.D.4   Ratio of Areas
           Introduction to trigonometry
          1. 10.E.1   Identify the sides in the triangle
          2. 10.E.2   Understanding SOHCAHTOA
          3. 10.E.3   Hit the fighter plane
          4. 10.E.4   Trigonometric Practice
             Trigonometric values
            1. 10.F.1   Sine values on a unit circle
            2. 10.F.2   Cosine values on a unit circle
            3. 10.F.3   Tangent values on a unit circle
            4. 10.F.4   Sine and Cosine values for 30 degree and 60 degree angles
            5. 10.F.5   Sine and Cosine values for 45 degree angle
            6. 10.F.6   Identify the Trigonometric Value
               Inverse trigonometric values
              1. 10.G.1   Trigonometric ratios on a unit circle
              2. 10.G.2   Secant values on a unit circle
              3. 10.G.3   Co-Secant values on a unit circle
              4. 10.G.4   Co-Tangent values on a unit circle
                 Coordinate Geometry
                1. 10.H.1   Distance between two points
                2. 10.H.2   What polygon is formed?
                3. 10.H.3   Mid Point Theorem
                4. 10.H.4   Coordinate geometry - A skill test
                5. 10.H.5   Divide a line internally in the ratio m:n (Section formula)
                6. 10.H.6   Section formula - A skill test
                7. 10.H.7   Complete the shape
                8. 10.H.8   Collinear points
                9. 10.H.9   Area of a triangle
                10. 10.H.10   Clueless
                11. 10.H.11   Coordinate Geometry - Combat zone
                   Arithmetic Progression
                  1. 10.I.1   Introduction to Arithmetic Progression
                  2. 10.I.2   Arithmetic Progression in day to day life
                  3. 10.I.3   Find the general term of an AP
                  4. 10.I.4   Arithmetic Series
                  5. 10.I.5   Relation between sum of 'n' natural numbers and area of rectangle
                  6. 10.I.6   Sum of 'n' natural numbers
                  7. 10.I.7   Sum of first 'n' odd numbers
                  8. 10.I.8   Sum of 'n' terms in an AP
                  9. 10.I.9   Arithmetic Progression - Combat zone
                     Volume and Surface Area of Compound Shapes
                    1. 10.J.1   Surface Area of Compound Shapes
                    2. 10.J.2   Volume of Compound Shapes
                    3. 10.J.3   Surface Area and Volume of Compound Shapes
                    4. 10.J.4   Surface Area of Concentric Cylinders
                    5. 10.J.5   Volume of Concentric Cylinders
                    6. 10.J.6   Surface Area of Frustom of a Cone
                    7. 10.J.7   Volume of Frustom of a Cone
                       Central Tendency
                      1. 10.K.1   Data representation
                      2. 10.K.2   Cumulative frequency
                      3. 10.K.3   Mean - Grouped data
                      4. 10.K.4   Mean - Grouped data - Step deviation method
                      5. 10.K.5   Median - Grouped data
                      6. 10.K.6   Mode - Grouped data
                      7. 10.K.7   Cumulative frequency - Ogive graph
                      8. 10.K.8   Interpreting quartiles using Ogive graph
                      9. 10.K.9   Quartiles
                      10. 10.K.10   Measures - Combat zone
                         Geometrical constructions
                        1. 10.L.1   Divide a line segment in the given ratio
                        2. 10.L.2   Construct a triangle similar to the given triangle in the given ratio
                        3. 10.L.3   Construct a tangent to a circle from a point outside it
                        4. 10.L.4   Construct a tangent to a circle when the center is unknown
                        5. 10.L.5   Construct a tangent to a circle from a point outside the circle when the center of circle is not known