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The names on the Wall of Fame are displayed based on the Composite score achieved by the students over the past 7 days.

The composite score is calculated based on their weighted performance in Activities, Smart sheets, Assessments and Question of the Day and Discussion forum posts.

A student needs to have attempted at least one smart sheet or assessment over the past 7 days in order to qualify for the Wall of Fame.

5 points are awarded for every forum post like.

The Wall of Fame is updated every 10 minutes.

The fraction (5x-11)/(2x2 + x - 6) was obtained by adding the two fractions A/(x + 2) and B/(2x - 3). The values of A and B must be, respectively: (a) 5x, -11, (b) -11, 5x, (c) -1, 3, (d) 3, -1, (e) 5, -11
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  on 18/7/16
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