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The names on the Wall of Fame are displayed based on the Composite score achieved by the students over the past 7 days.

The composite score is calculated based on their weighted performance in Activities, Smart sheets, Assessments and Question of the Day and Discussion forum posts.

A student needs to have attempted at least one smart sheet or assessment over the past 7 days in order to qualify for the Wall of Fame.

5 points are awarded for every forum post like.

The Wall of Fame is updated every 10 minutes.

You tell your friend a solution to a tricky problem on sunday. on monday, this friend who knows the solution, tells it to two of his each his friends. on tuesday, each of the three people who know the solution, tells it to two of their friends. if this process continues, how many people will know the solution by the end of the next sunday? [Hint:makea table and look for a pattern.]
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  on 27/8/16
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