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The names on the Wall of Fame are displayed based on the Composite score achieved by the students over the past 7 days.

The composite score is calculated based on their weighted performance in Activities, Smart sheets, Assessments and Question of the Day and Discussion forum posts.

A student needs to have attempted at least one smart sheet or assessment over the past 7 days in order to qualify for the Wall of Fame.

5 points are awarded for every forum post like.

The Wall of Fame is updated every 10 minutes.

Questions in the Topic: Math Puzzles
  • Neel Shah
    Who can solve this number puzzle the fastest ?

     Views: 80
      2 weeks, 5 days ago
  • Heerall Parmer
    Can you solve it in a min !

     Views: 80
      4 weeks ago
  • Kavya Sharma
    Find the missing number, can you find it ?

     Views: 81
      on 18/4/17
  • Heerall Parmer
    Can you solve this picture puzzle ?

     Views: 89
      on 17/4/17
  • Math Expert
    Can you solve ?

     Views: 111
      on 14/4/17