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Questions in the Topic: Word Problems
  • Rushabh Jain
    There are 14000 passengers in train 1 , 500000 passengers in train 2 and 7500000 passengers in train 3 how many passengers are there in all the three trains?

     Views: 5
      1 day, 23 hours ago
  • Dhruvina Arora
    Rajam's mother is working as a cook in UAE. she gets 1000 dirnam salary. Mani's mother works as a chief in Sri lanka. she gets 2000 shri lankan rupees. who gets more in indian value of currency?

     Views: 11
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  • Aditri Sultania
    3 swans are swimming in a lake .4 more swans join in.Then 5 swan fiy away .How swans remain?

     Views: 29
      3 weeks ago