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Questions in the Topic: Grade 7 - Math Olympiad
  • Neel Shah
    A horse is tied to one corner of a rectangular field, 60 m by 40 m, by a rope 14 m long. On how much area can the horse graze ?
    (A) 150 m$^2$
    (B) 154 m$^2$
    (C) 160 m$^2$
    (D) 165 m$^2$

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  • Neel Shah
    The height of an equilateral triangle is $√{6}$ cm long. Its area is _____
    (A) 3$√{3}$ cm$^2$
    (B) 2$√{3}$ cm$^2$
    (C) 2$√{2}$ cm$^2$
    (D) 6$√{2}$ cm$^2$

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  • Neel Shah
    The ratio of the radii of two hula-hoops is 3:4. What is the ratio of their circumference ?
    (A) 4:3
    (B) 1:4
    (C) 2:1
    (D) 3:4

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  • Neel Shah
    A circular piece of wire is converted into a square of side 6.25 cm. If there is no loss or gain in its length, then the radius of the circular wire is ______
    (A) 3.5 cm
    (B) 3.98 cm
    (C) 4.0 cm
    (D) 4.2 cm

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  • Neel Shah
    The length of a minute hand of a wall clock is 8.4 cm. Find the area swept by it in half an hour.
    (A) 100 cm$^2$
    (B) 110.88 cm$^2$
    (C) 120 cm$^2$
    (D) 130 cm$^2$

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