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Questions in the Topic: Triangles
  • Ananya
    who discover right angle triangle ?

     Views: 428
      on 16/2/17
  • John Asher Rayan Kalans Rayan
    how to find the base X of triangle between parallel lines

     Views: 399
      on 6/1/17
  • Smriti S
    Diagonals AC and BD of a trapezium ABCD with AB || DC intersect each other at the point O. Using a similarity criterion of two triangles, show that ${AO}/{OC}$ = ${OB}/{OD}$

     Views: 314
      on 12/6/16
  • kripali
    The diagonals of a quadrilateral ABCD intersect each other at the point O such that ${AO}/{BO}$ = ${CO}/{DO}$ .
    Show that ABCD is a trapezium.

     Views: 405
      on 12/6/16
  • Jayant Sharma
    Using Basic proportionality theorem, prove that a line drawn through the mid-points of one side of a triangle parallel to another side bisects the third side.

     Views: 358
      on 12/6/16
  • Kavitha Subramaniam
    Line l is the bisector of an angle $∠$ A and B is any point on l, BP and BQ are perpendicular from B to the arms of $∠$ A (see the figure).
    Show that :
    (i) $∆$ APB $≅$ $∆$ AQB
    (ii) BP = BQ or B is equidi

     Views: 421
      on 12/6/16
  • Sonu Patil
    AD and BC are equal perpendiculars to a line segment AB (See the figure). Show that CD bisects AB.

     Views: 232
      on 12/6/16
  • Shalu Singh
    In quadtrilateral ABCD, AC = AD and AB bisects. $∠$ A (See the figure). Show that $∆$ ABC = $∆$ ABD.
    What can you say about BC and BD?

     Views: 248
      on 12/6/16
  • Smriti S
    In the following figure, if LM || CB and LN || CD , prove that
    ${AM}/{AB}$ = ${AB}/{AD}$

     Views: 203
      on 12/6/16