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Questions in the Topic: Word Problems
  • Keertana Manoj
    Sonal asked the class to see if they could find the sum of the first 50 odd numbers. As everyone settled down to their addition, Lavesh ran to her and said, 'The sum is 2,500.' Ms. Sonal thought, 'Lucky guess,' and gave him the task of finding the sum of the first 75 odd numbers. Within 20 seconds, Lavesh was back with the correct answer How does Lavesh find the sum so quickly and what is the answer ?

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  • Keya Popat
    A railway half ticket costs half the full fair and the reservation charge is same on half ticket as on full ticket. One reserved full class ticket from Mumbai to Ahmdabad costs rs 216 and one full and half reserved first class tickets cost rs 327. What s the basic first class full fare and what is the reservation charge?

     Views: 40
      on 13/12/16
  • Rushabh Jain
    There are 14000 passengers in train 1 , 500000 passengers in train 2 and 7500000 passengers in train 3 how many passengers are there in all the three trains?

     Views: 31
      on 5/12/16
  • Dhruvina Arora
    Rajam's mother is working as a cook in UAE. she gets 1000 dirnam salary. Mani's mother works as a chief in Sri lanka. she gets 2000 shri lankan rupees. who gets more in indian value of currency?

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  • Aditri Sultania
    3 swans are swimming in a lake .4 more swans join in.Then 5 swan fiy away .How swans remain?

     Views: 60
      on 16/11/16