About Us
Math buddy's vision is to bring fun and playfulness back into math learning and help children learn
with understanding through innovative use of technology.

Our Story

Have you ever seen children playing and interacting with Montessori method of doing mathematics? Much of the Montessori method of learning is based on the paradigm of “learn by doing” and not procedure based. Children are often seen exploring the world by sorting, categorizing and organizing what they find and studying the pattern in what they do to eventually formulate concepts and ideas. Montessori math is varied, never boring and challenging. Math is fun and is little to do with memorizing formulas and theorems. Children are able to see, touch and experience Math.

Unfortunately this is not the case especially when children begin advancing in their school years. Many children develop a fear for Math when they do not understand concepts in their formative years, especially when they are between 3rd to 7th grades. As they grow older, this becomes worse and becomes their Achilles heal in whatever field they choose to major in.

These thoughts and struggle of a mother trying to support her young child to teach Math in play-way method triggered Bharathy (co-founder and CTO, Math Buddy) to take up the challenge in her hands and develop an interactive learning solution that taps into children natural inclination for Play.

It all started with a simple question “How do I help my child?”

At the same time the other co-founder, Mr. Kannan Bhardwaj was going through humdrums of corporate life but he never felt content. He loved his job but he wanted to do so much more and really wanted to make difference with Math to the life of children. He wanted children to experience Math and interact with it just like the way he did when he was growing up. He decided to give up his corporate life, join hands with his wife and partner to develop Math Buddy.

They also felt technology could be integrated successfully to make learning and teaching a lot more fun, engaging and simplified. As they delved deeper, researched the length and breadth of education landscape and interacted with enthusiastic teaching community, they found that there were so many creative practices used by teachers all over the world that could be used and transformed the way Math is taught. This can really help children understand Math like never before. And Math Buddy was born taking the best of the ideas and putting them in an interactive form.

Bubbling with passion and some savings, the co-founders of Math Buddy set out on a mission to make Math learning fun and exciting experience on one such eventful day in 2010.

Our Approach

“Learning by Doing” is the core of Math Buddy. Whether it is hands-on instruments or interactive virtual activities, we believe Math is best understood by doing it. This way, children experience Math concepts in a way they will never forget.

We believe in power of Blended Math.

We have put together a complete platform where children explore concepts using hands-on instruments then that are followed by interactive digital learning such that teachers would teach and engage students in the session and getting the students to visualize the concepts. This can then be followed by children practicing from home or elsewhere using any device using our cloud based platform.

Math Buddy has been designed in a way that it can also be used as a home learning Math Programme where children can access from huge repository of well aligned interactive activities to learn and develop concept understanding and then follow it with lots of practice to build procedural fluency and skills for acquiring competence in domain areas.