Curriculum - Grade 3

Learn and practice topics in Grade 3 Math such as Numbers up to 4 digits including place values, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, odd and even numbers, Fractions, Measurement, and Geometry with Tangrams, patterns, and Pictographs.

Each topic is split into smaller skills, and students master these skills by learning and practicing through interactive activities and worksheets. Interactive quizzes are assigned to students at the end of every topic to assess the level of understanding.

Number System and Place Value
  • Numbers with place value up to 9999
  • Domino Representation (up to 9999)
  • Expand Numbers (up to 9999)
  • Place Value Combinations (up to 9999)
  • Practice Numbers with Place and Face Value(up to 9999)
  • Number line representation (up to 9999)
  • Compare Numbers (up to 9999)
  • Order Numbers (up to 9999)
Odd and Even
  • Even and Odd numbers
  • Even and Odd Arithmetic - Addition
  • Even and Odd Arithmetic - Subtraction
  • Adding three 2-digit numbers with regrouping
  • Addition of numbers ending with 5 or 0 (upto 999)
  • Addition of 3 digit numbers (upto 999) with regrouping
  • Missing numbers in addition problem (upto 999)
  • Addition of 4 digit numbers (upto 9999)
  • Addition of numbers ending with 0 or 5 (upto 9999)
  • Subtraction of 3 digit numbers with borrowing
  • Missing numbers in subtraction problem (upto 999)
  • Addition and subtraction (upto 999)
  • Subtraction of 4 digit numbers
  • Multiplication using array model
  • Multiplying a number by tens, hundreds
  • Multiplying 2 digit number by 2 digit numbers (with and without regrouping)
  • Patterns in multiplication - 2 digit numbers
  • What is Division?
  • Division of single digit numbers using ÷ sign.
  • Division of a two digit number by a single digit number without remainder.
  • Relationship between multiplication and division
  • Introduction to division with remainder
  • Division of 2 digit numbers with remainder
Rounding and Estimation
  • Round to the nearest 100s
  • Round to the nearest 1000s
  • Estimate the position on the number line - II
  • Measure using a ruler
  • Measure in meters
  • Conversion between meters and centimeters
  • Measuring length using a ruler from different points
  • Reading a map
  • Express lengths in mixed units (m, cm, km)
  • Identify the unit (kg, g, mg)
  • Convert - kilograms to grams and vice-versa
  • Addition and subtraction of weights(kg, g)
  • Multiplication and Division of weights
  • Measure in liters and milliliters
  • Operations involving volume (l, ml)
Time and Calendar
  • Read time on a clock (quarter past and quarter to)
  • Adding and subtracting time
  • Seconds, minutes and hours
  • Years, Months, Weeks and Days
  • Timeline
  • Counting money - Level 2
  • Adding and subtracting money
  • Multiplying and dividing money
  • Identify the shapes
  • Properties of 3D shapes like cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders and cones
  • Recognize the pattern
  • Symmetry in nature
  • Views of solid - I
  • Fun with Tangrams
Introduction to fractions
  • Introduction to Fractions - Quarters, Halves and Thirds
  • Equal and Unequal parts (using diagrams)
  • Fraction for collection of objects (quarters, halves and third)
Handling data
  • Represent using Pictographs - Picto value is more than 1
  • Pictograph using full and half
  • Represent using Bar Graphs

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