Help your child develop a strong foundation in Math!

Personalized curriculum facilitated
by a live teacher

Grades 3 to 8

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How does the live classes program work?

  • Students take a trial session and diagnostic assessment.
  • Math Buddy kits dispatched to your address
  • Students can start using Math Buddy Online program immediately on sign-up
  • Students login at specified times for live classes twice a week
  • Teacher is present and monitoring as the students work with Math Buddy
  • Teacher assists the students via video, whiteboard or chat when required
  • Students continue working with Math Buddy even after live classes
Math Buddy Work

Studies show that students retain more than 75% of what they learn by doing compared to just 10% for traditional learning

Program Highlights

  • Experiential Learning

    Experiential Learning with kits + software

    Build a strong foundation in Math using the kits and interactive software

  • Individualized Attention

    Individualized Attention

    Small batch sizes of upto 6

  • Teacher-led program

    Teacher-led program

    Instant doubt clearing

  • Guaranteed Improvement

    Guaranteed Improvement

    Clarity in concepts

A recent study showed that students who used Math Buddy showed a 30% improvement in performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Math Buddy Program is an experiential activity-based learning program where children will explore and experience Math with the help of kits and software. The activities are designed colorfully to engage children without them getting bored. In the live program, children interact with the teachers and get their doubts cleared instantly. The program offers interactive worksheets and quizzes which test higher-order thinking skills and logical reasoning.

  • Each child of Math Buddy Live class works with a teacher twice a week. During the 2 hours, the child is continuously monitored and helped by the teacher. The teacher also keeps track of the progress of the child and customizes the curriculum based on the needs of the child. This is an ongoing process thereby making sure that the learning gaps from previous grades are filled.

  • The XPlora box of kits is used to introduce concepts when a new chapter is being introduced. Children retain 75% of what they learn when they practically do it. Using the XPlora box of kits, when children model the problems, they develop a solid fundamental understanding of the concepts.

  • Math Buddy curriculum is closely aligned to CBSE curriculum. In the live classes, the teacher can customize the curriculum based on the needs of each student. Each topic is divided into multiple skills and children master the skills one by one.