OUR story

It was one fine evening in 2010 I and Bharathy were thinking – How do we make Rajiv, our kid feel excited about math and how can it be experiential? We have a solid education background, yet we felt Math was taught in a very abstract manner. Rajiv doesn't like it nor do other kids. As we continued discussing school curriculum, we knew well for higher grade kids that there is a lab for Physics and Chemistry. But there isn’t any for Math! We couldn’t be quiet after this.

With this quest in mind and trying to solve this puzzle, in one of our trips to a school, we noticed children were playing and interacting following Montessori method of doing mathematics. It is based on the paradigm of “learn by doing” and not by procedure. We clearly noticed, children were able to see, touch and experience Math. So, this is what we call as a fun filled cognitive learning experience. The kids were full of energy, while doing it. This was our inspiration.

Math Buddy Work

We decided to make Math Awesome for children by making them see, touch and experience it. Mathbuddy is their true companion who they can count on.

Bubbling with passion and some savings, we set out on a mission mode to make it a reality. Our first version came after year long work by two of us. With this, we brought experiential fun based cognitive learning to kids and established Math labs as well in numerous schools.

Meet our core team

  • Bharathy Bharadwaj

    Co-Founder & Head-Product

    B. Tech (Madras Institute of Technology)
    M. S (Computer Science, Eastern
    Michigan University)

  • Kannan Bharadwaj

    Co-Founder & CEO

    B. Tech (IIT ’91), M. S, MBA
    (University of Michigan Ross
    School of Business ’03)

  • Vijay Venkataraman


    B.E, M.S Computer Science
    (Manipal Institute of Technology)

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Complete Experiential Cognitive Learning from home with Math Buddy XPlora with live classes



























Learning app for class 10 and 12.The perfect study guide and practise pal to master bite-sized concepts and ace exams.







Subscription based Math Buddy base XPlora kits to students through schools. Registration of 45,000 students for Mathlathon


Addition of 100 more schools




































































































Moved to subscription model online platform. Expansion through investment by Menterra Ventures                                                                       


Zepto Learning - Large inhouse Experiential Learning Center for Grades 1 to 8

























Mathlathon - Online Platform for conducting math challenge 3 times a year for students of grade 1 to 10 to give Olympiad experience


Introduction of Xplora kits to schools. Added Grades 9 - 10 software.



































Added grades 6-8 and 1












































































































First customer school












































































































Added grades 6-8 and 1